How do I participate in a Study?

Though the types of Studies and research may vary, the following process applies to every Study:

  • Select a Study – Once you have registered, you are free to choose a Study that suits your interests and availability.  You may select any open Study on our list.  If you wish to work on multiple Studies at a time, you are welcome to do so.  Participation in our public Studies is open to all Researchers.
  • Conduct research – Read the description of your chosen Study to know its requirements.  Pay close attention to the Research Requirements that apply to the information being requested.  For each Study, you are only expected to submit information that matches the Research Requirements.  (For example, in a prior art search, you may only submit a copy of the prior art and basic information as prompted by the submission form.  No additional report or analysis will be accepted.)   Once you are ready to make a submission, click on the Respond button on the Study page to launch the form that will guide you in the submission process.
  • Monitor your submissions - Check your Activity Dashboard to view the feedback regarding your submissions.  The Review Team may contact you through our Message Center to request more information about your submission(s).  You may also receive additional information in the form of leads.  Use the feedback and information you receive to make additional submissions, if needed.
  • Check the Study results – The results of the Study are announced typically within a couple of weeks after the Expiration Date.  You will receive a notification if you have been selected to receive a Reward for your participation in the Study.  You may monitor the status of your Reward payments through the Payment History tab of your account.

For more information, please review the Researcher Manual available in your Dashboard.

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