What is "DOI" (Digitial Object Identifier)?

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique code used to identify a content object (article, book, chapter, etc.) It acts like a barcode or a serial number to access information related to a specific document.


Why are we associating your NPL submission with its DOI?

Many forms of non-patent literature (NPL) obtained electronically have an associated DOI. By associating an NPL reference with its DOI, we are able to obtain the related title, author, publisher, and other information from a consistent source, saving you the time of entering the same information. The DOI provides us with unique information that allows us to better manage the reference within and across studies. This also helps us mark duplicates more accurately.


How does DOI affect the submission process?

When submitting NPL, you will first be asked for the title and author of the reference or its DOI. If the information you entered matches a reference with a known DOI, the other fields of the response form are automatically entered, thus speeding up the submission process and saving you time. If no matching reference is found, you will be asked to enter the information in the fields provided.

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