How do I calculate my in-scope percentage?

Your in-scope percentage is an indicator of your performance in our Studies.  It is calculated based on the Ranks given to your submissions.  Your in-scope percentage determines your eligibility for Rewards and your submission limit.

We use your most recent 50 submissions to calculate your in-scope percentage.  These submissions include the most recent 50 reviewed references (i.e. Accepted and Declined) that are not duplicates.  This means we do not include a submission that has Submitted or Pending as its Status or has Duplicate under the Details column in the Activity Dashboard.

To calculate your in-scope percentage, divide the number of In-Scope references (i.e. those ranked 3, 4, or 5) in this subset of submissions by 50.  (If you have fewer than 50 submissions, use the number of submissions that meet the criteria described above.)  You may calculate this using the numbers in the Your Scorecard table of your Activity Dashboard.  You may also manually count the references using the Submission Activity table.

If you have at least 50 submissions, then each reference considered in the calculation of your in-scope percentage accounts for 2%.  Your in-scope percentage may change if one of the following occurs:

  • A new reference has been reviewed and meets the criteria above. - This new reference replaces the oldest reference included in the 50 submissions used to calculate your old in-scope percentage.  Your in-scope percentage increases by 2% if an in-scope reference replaces an old out-of-scope reference.  Your in-scope percentage decreases by 2% if an out-of-scope reference replaces an old in-scope reference.
  • A previously marked "New" reference is later marked as "Duplicate." - This may happen if our system does not automatically detect your submission as a duplicate of another reference.  Your in-scope percentage may change if this recently marked Duplicate reference was submitted after the oldest reference included in the 50 submissions used to calculate your old in-scope percentage.

For more information, please view the researcher manual in your dashboard.

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